South Australia

South Australia, has earned a reputation for enjoying the finer things in life. Adelaide, the capital city, is renowned across Australia as being a festival city. Their love of the arts goes hand in hand with having a good time. So, don’t be surprised if you spend as much time shopping or at a day spa as you do admiring a dance company in action, or watching a Verdi opera.

This brilliant blend of culture and lifestyle stretches across South Australia. It’s why you’ll find local art on the walls of an Outback pub. It’s why you’ll see landscape paintings by masters such as Sir Hans Heysen in village museums, and then look out a window and see the very same landscape.


From the coast to the Outback, every part of South Australia has activities to get the adrenalin pumping. Along the coastal regions, you could wind up surfing with Southern Right Whales, or diving through the wreckage of a scuttled Navy destroyer. You can go waterskiing and jetboating on the mighty Murray River.

You could hike the formidable Heysen Trail, which stretches from the southern tip of South Australia through to the Flinders Ranges. Or you could cycle along the Mawson Trail from the Adelaide Hills, through the Barossa, all the way to the Outback town of Blinman. And if serious thrills are your thing, you can explore subterranean caves, climb a mountain, or even hop in a cage and go diving with some of the most fearsome sharks on the planet.


With thousands of kilometres of coastline, it’s only right that South Australia is a place for ocean lovers. The beaches are crowd free, making them the ideal place to surf, swim, and lounge around. In fact, Kangaroo Island’s Vivonne Bay was selected by researchers from a leading Australian university as the world’s best beach. But there’s more to the coast than just the beach. You can go diving through shipwrecks. You can see giant whales, seals, and chameleon-like cuttlefish. You can camp next to the coast and enjoy ocean views and refreshing sea breezes. And you can go fishing just about anywhere – from a beach, from a jetty, or from a chartered tour boat.


Some people talk about getting back to nature. In South Australia, they never left it. From the botanic gardens in Adelaide, to the national parks and forests throughout South Australia, nature has never been more accessible. You’ll see native wildlife in its natural habitat. You’ll get to walk among Australian flora. And you can talk to our park rangers and learn about our special ecosystems, and how we preserve them for future generations.

For geology buffs, South Australia’s limestone cliffs, volcanic craters, and caves tell the story of the world’s oldest continent. There are even fossils of megafauna (really big animals) that are millions of years old.

If you want a fresh look at the environment you can take tours through our wetlands, or stay at the eco-friendly accommodation. Or if you’re just looking to get away from it all, a walk along a bush trail is a simple but rewarding pleasure.

Wine & Food

If you know wine, then you know South Australia. You don’t have to mention world-famous names like the Barossa, McLaren Vale, or Coonawarra. And the Aussies certainly don’t have to remind you that their wines have bagged countless awards on the global stage. But you may be surprised to learn that you can meet many of the expert winemakers in person, at wineries and cellar doors throughout South Australia. You’ll get to see the faces behind the labels, and talk about the craft they love.

Aussies love their wine. And they especially love it before, during, and after a great meal.
That’s why they’ve also dedicated themselves to the art of food. They’ve mastered every style of cuisine you could name, and even created some of their own – such as the gourmet ‘Feral Food’ of the Outback.

Must See Destinations

Adelaide’s generous boulevards and elegant architecture provide the perfect backdrop for all sorts of activities. No matter what takes your interest, there’s something that will pique your curiosity.

Adelaide Hills
One visit to the Adelaide Hills and you’ll see why this place fuelled the creative fires of so many artists. The picturesque farmlands and charming villages of the Adelaide Hills look like they were meant to be painted.

The Barossa is Australia’s most famous wine region, and with over 50 cellar door outlets there are numerous opportunities to sample the region’s most famous product. The regions European influence is reflected in the architecture, the art, food, wine and music.

Flinders Ranges & Outback
The Flinders Ranges, a comfortable four to five hour drive north of Adelaide, is one of the oldest landscapes on earth, and it is here the very essence of the Outback begins. It is an area of stunning beauty and features Wilpena Pound, spectacular gorges, abundant wildlife and Aboriginal art.

Kangaroo Island
Located off the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Australia’s third-largest island, is 155km long and 55km wide. Renowned as the place in Australia to see wildlife in its natural habitat, Kangaroo Island offers a unique opportunity to get up close to koalas, little penguins, kangaroos, echidnas, sea lions and fur seals.

Limestone Coast
Forged over 26 million years by the primal forces of the ocean and the movement of tectonic plates, the Limestone Coast has been perfectly sculpted into a natural playground.

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